Photo of Kurt Harz

Dr. Kurt Harz
* 1915 - † 1996

Dr. Kurt Harz founded the ARTICULATA in January 1975 as "Journal for biology, systematics and new descriptions of arthropods in a broad sense". The journal was published by him privately until volume 3 (last issue December 1988), and distributed by exchange including delivery to major libraries. Already at those times, the main focus of the journal were articles on the Orthoptera of Europe. At initiative of Dr. Harz the German Society for Orthopterology was founded in November 1988. From this starting point, publishing of the ARTICULATA was handed over to the society.

Information on the publications of Dr. Kurz Harz and the taxa described by him are summarised in the following articles that can be downloaded as pdf files; there is also an obituary (all from ARTICULATA, in German).

Bibliography of the scientific publications of Dr. Kurt Harz
Author: Peter Detzel - Articulata 1996 11(2): 3- 13

List of taxa described by Kurt Harz
Author: Klaus-Gerhard Heller - Articulata 1998 13(1): 5-10 and Articulata 1999 14(2): 205 (supplement)

Obituary for Kurt Harz
Author: Heidrun Kleinert - Articulata 1996 11(2): S. 1 - 2

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