Guidelines for authors

G e n e r a l:

Only papers about Orthoptera will be published.

The geographic area covered is restricted to Europe and the Mediterranean.

Contributions should be as short as possible; for papers with more than 15 printed pages consult the editors first.

The costs for coloured pictures must be paid by the author; minimum price is EUR 80,- per coloured page.

M a n u s c r i p t:

1. Tables should fit the type area, which is 15 cm. Fonts used with tables must have a minimum size of 11 pt.

2. Illustrations: please draw on a large scale that it can be recognised after reduction. Hand in the original drawings! Digital images should have a resolution of 300 dpi for coloured pictures and 600 dpi for line drawings.

3. Abstracts in German and English are required. They should should stand at the beginning of the text.

4. References according to the following examples:

– citing a journal article:
Müller, M. & Maier, K. (1977): Eine neue Heuschrecke aus Jugoslawien (Orthoptera, Ensifera). - Articulata 1(9): 127-128.

– citing a book:
Harz, K. (1957): Die Geradflügler Mitteleuropas. (Gustav Fischer), Jena; 495 S.

5. For Nomenclature of native species (German and scientific names) please note the checklists in Articulata supplementary volume 7 and in Articulata 10(1) 1995.

6. Manuscripts should be submitted on diskette, CD or as e-mail attachment; text editor is word for windows. Please do not format your text as we are using templates!!!

The editors reserve the right to shorten the manuscript or make stylistic changes; for changes in contents the author will be consulted.

The author will receive 30 off-prints free of charge.

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