History of the German Society for Orthopterology

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopterologie e.V. (German Society for Orthopterology) was founded on initiative of Dr. Kurt Harz at 12.11.1988 in Endsee, Kreis Ansbach, Bavaria.

The first chairman from the inaugural meeting until March 2000 was Dr. Klaus-Gerhard Heller. At the general meeting in Potsdam 2000, Dr. Peter Detzel was elected as his successor. He is confirmed as chairman to date.

After the journal ARTICULATA was left by Dr. Kurt Harz to the DGfO, it was published by Dr. Peter Detzel and Dr. Hildrun Kleinert together from 1989 until 1999 (volumes 4–14); volumes 15 (2000) to 18 (2003) were edited by Dr. Peter Detzel alone. Georg Waeber became the editor since volume 19 (2004).

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